You are unique and we treat you in this way.
Sixty people are our greatest assets and recruiting is critical to our success, organisation and vision. For us, employee quality and engagement at each level, team work, values and objectives are fundamental for continual development and growth. Development and growth is key to our success.

Sixty Group’s objectives are:

  • To achieve operational excellence
  • To support professional skills
  • To strengthen personal competence
Sixty constantly strives to develop total quality through research activities and by supporting projects and ideas. High quality is Sixty’s key asset.
In order to fully realise our employee’s career potential, the group organises specific training courses. The ever changing environment, markets and consumer needs make it essential to do so.

There are currently no open positions.

However, we are always interested in getting to know skilled people.
Please send your cv to the email indicated for the country you would like to apply to.




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